Surface Pro Back On Official Website, Ready For Ordering

Can we stick to one date, please, Redmond? It’s March, and as promised the company has been slowly increasing availability of the 128GB variant of its premier tablet, the Surface Pro.

The slate has shown up at Best Buy, and now store on the official website has been updated, allowing users to order this particular model. The shipping date, though, has moved a tad, and the tablet is now said to be shipping by March 12.

No additional details are provided, but there you have it.

The larger capacity model of Surface Pro suffered massive supply issues right after launch. Microsoft promised a few weeks ago that it will be ramping up production and make more units available by March — early March at that.

It seems that the company is still struggling a bit to deal with this major outage. Panos Panay, the man in charge of the Surface division at Microsoft said that the company was working “super hard” to bring the devices to more stores across the United States.

A few more days, and fingers crossed, the tablet will be available everywhere across the country.

Additionally, the technology titan is also gearing up to launch the tablet in other countries in the coming weeks, particularly the all-important European markets. Microsoft will most likely follow the Surface RT release arrangement to expand the availability of the Pro version of its tablet in these new markets.

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