Surface Pro Nearing UK Launch

Redmond may be struggling with supply issues across the length and breadth of United States and Canada, but that is not stopping it to release the Surface Pro internationally.

Don’t know about other countries, but from what it seems, Microsoft is working to bring its flagship tablet to Great Britain very soon.

Microsoft had already confirmed in early February that details of international availability will be announced in the coming months. But apparently it knows that coming months may be a little too late for technology enthusiasts the world over waiting to get their hands on the prized slate.

Surface Pro could very well be ready to go on sale in Europe earlier than expected.

The tablet now shows up on the British version of the Microsoft Surface website, though with a “Coming soon” tag and a peculiar price that is as of right now only showing the pound sterling symbol — sign that Redmond may not have yet decided on a final price of the tablet, maybe?

Obviously, Microsoft is yet to comment on this. But this is a sure sign that company is getting its websites ready for the upcoming launch, as it most probably finalizes the deals with many of its European partners.

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