Surface RT Wi-Fi Patch Coming Today

Finally! Finally, I say! This is one problem that has lingered on for far too long. But it seems that good news may finally be around the corner. Well, at least, according to Microsoft officials.

The bug has been bugging a lot of Surface RT owners for well over 100 days now, as several users started reporting issues soon after the release of the company’s first tablet. These issues compounded in the coming weeks after applying a set of patches released by Microsoft.

In an AMA session on Reddit, the Surface team confirmed that Microsoft will be releasing two different patches for the pesky little bug, one in February’s Patch Tuesday, and another with the March cycle:

“Wifi connection robustness has been improved with the Feb 12 Windows Update. Another version is in the works and will release Mar 12”.

So there you have it, the official word from Redmond.

While some have found success by applying various unofficial workarounds, most users were waiting for the company to fix the problem once and for all.

Understandably, the issue is hard to nail down — and this is one of the reasons why it has taken Microsoft such a long time to squash the bug. At one point, officials from the company even admitted that they were having trouble replicating the problems at their end.

Hopefully the Patch Tuesday set to go live today fixes a lot of the Wi-Fi connectivity problems for users.

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