These Dell PCs Are Ready For Windows 10 May 2020 Update

Dell XPS Laptops

It’s always good when companies do this. And doubly good now, because the Windows 10 May 2020 Update is not without its issues. Anyway, Dell is here with a list of its PCs that play nicely with this OS.

These machines have been tested and labelled as fully compatible with this new version. And the list includes the majority of new generation Dell computers — including the latest models from the popular Inspiron, XPS, Latitude, and Alienware series.

You can find the full lineup below, right after this little warning from Dell.

“If your device is not listed in the tables below, Dell is not testing the device and drivers will not be updated for that model. If your device shipped with a version of Windows 10, drivers are available for that version and testing is not necessary. If you want to proceed with upgrading or updating an untested system, refer to the Microsoft Windows Help website. Microsoft may provide generic drivers for the hardware as part of Windows 10, but some features and functionality may be lost.”

Makes sense.

Here is the full list of families that are compatible with Windows 10

  • Alienware Desktop
  • Alienware Notebook
  • Inspiron Desktop
  • Inspiron Notebook
  • XPS Desktop
  • XPS Notebook
  • Vostro Desktop
  • Vostro Notebook
  • Latitude
  • Optiplex
  • Precision Workstation
  • Mobile Precision
  • Embedded Box PCs

All accounted for.

You can check out all the models here at this link. Simply search for your particular model, and confirm whether your device has made the list. If it has not, then rest easy that Microsoft and Dell will make sure that it does, after further testing.

As long as it’s compatible with this latest release of Windows 10, that is.

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