These Surface X-Ray Wallpapers Let You See Inside

Surface X-Ray Wallpaper

Download them first, then come back to read the article! For some sleek X-ray wallpapers for the Surface lineup have made their way up, providing us a peek at what’s inside.

Remarkably good stuff is inside, that’s what.

A Reddit user has shared these wallpapers online, and they are available for a few different members of the Surface family — the Surface Go, Surface Go 2, and the Surface Pro X are all accounted for in these downright excellent photos.

In very high-quality PNG format, no less.

The Surface Go and Surface Go 2 wallpapers showed up first, while the Surface Pro X wallpapers made their way out soon after.

The wallpapers show off the layered insides of the machines, and the monotone effect of the wallpapers help create a unique look with different shades of gray and varying levels of transparency.

Result being that you get to see pretty much every component of these devices.

Inverted and non-inverted designs have also been shared, for those who want them, meaning you have a lot of choice in what you want to grab and then line it up how you see fit.

If not for use as wallpapers, these high-resolution images also show how the internal circuitry of these Surface devices lines up. And they also

Download these amazing wallpapers at the links above!

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