This Is How The New Edge Takes Over Edge Legacy

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Or in other words, the transition. Microsoft formally launched the new Chromium dipped flavor of its Edge earlier this year, replacing Edge Legacy, as the browser of choice across its operating systems.

Yes, that’s what the older version of Edge is now referred to as.

And now, the company is ready to make the big switch.

It has officially begun the rollout of this new version of Edge, making it available on Windows Update so that Windows 10 users get main browser as an automatic download. And with this, the company has also begun the transition from the old to the new.

Redmond has recounted its strategy in tech support articles like this that detail the switch.

So, what exactly changes when the new browser is offered as an automatic download for everyone?

A lot.

Microsoft plans to make the transition as smooth as possible. And for this reason, most of the data in Edge Legacy is automatically transferred to the Chromium sibling, including passwords even open tabs.

The new version of Edge completely replaces the original version, and takes over taskbar pins, Start Menu pins, shortcuts, tile, everything. All protocols currently configured to Edge Legacy will also be transitioned to the new browser.

The original version of Edge will not go away, but will be hidden on your operating system.

That is to say, Legacy Edge will be hidden, but will not be removed to account for stuff that relies on it and utilize its engine, like certain Microsoft Store apps.

However, the Chromium based one, once installed, will take over. And you’ll find its shortcuts across the operating system so that it becomes the main web browser. It also cannot be uninstalled once deployed, unless you previously installed Microsoft Edge manually, in which case you can.

You can run both versions via registry edit, but seeing that this new Edge brings it on all fronts, including performance and feature set, you likely will not want to.

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