Microsoft Begins Chromium Edge Rollout

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About time. The new Chromium based Microsoft Edge web browser officially saw daylight earlier this year. But for some reason, Microsoft never really rolled it out for everyone.

The general availability in January meant that anyone one that wanted to try it could get their hands on the browser. On top of that, the company also began promoting it across its products and services in order to highlight the new Edge and its impressive features.

Perhaps it was fact that the new web browser was still missing some key and basic features like history and extension sync, support for ARM64 PCs, and more.

Whatever the case, the general availability of Edge just became another level of beta testing.

Now, though, the company is ready to deliver Edge via Windows Update for everyone. Redmond officially announced this here, confirming that the new variant replaces the old Edge.

As Microsoft notes:

“Microsoft has released a new Chromium-based version of Microsoft Edge. This new version provides best in class compatibility with extensions and websites. Additionally, this new version provides great support for the latest rendering capabilities, modern web applications, and powerful developer tools across all supported OS platforms.”

Not to mention, there’s this cool surf game that you can’t put down when you start playing!

Although it’s built on the same Chromium engine that powers Google Chrome, there are many features in the new Edge that you will not find on the Chrome. These include streaming Netflix in 4K, PDF inking, better privacy controls, an IE mode, and more.

Anyway, back to the rollout.

Although the new Edge arrives via Windows Update now, future updates will be deployed via the browser itself. Once your system reboots, you will be greeted by a full-screen 30 seconds intro that forces you to set up the application.

Updates for Edge will arrive every six weeks, as opposed to every six months. And that’s because it is not tied to Windows 10 OS now.

Speaking of which, it is now rolling out for Windows 10 versions 1803 and 1809, and other versions of the operating system like 1903 and 1909 should be treated to the new Edge very soon, too.

Hold onto your lunchboxes, everyone.

The new Edge is in the house!

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