This Surface Duo Feature Should Come To Windows 10

Surface Duo Apps Groups

With the device supposedly just around the corner, more information regarding the Surface Duo continues to, well, surface. This time around we got intelligence regarding a new feature.

A feature that would be right at home on Windows 10, too.

One of the latest discoveries on the exclusive stuff that Microsoft is building for the Duo suggests a new multitasking feature that goes by the name of App Groups. It allows user to pair two different apps and launch them at the same time.

For example, if you always launch OneNote and Outlook together, you can create an app group that when clicked, automatically starts them both.

You can create sets of apps that you see fit for dual launch like this.

However, despite being called app groups, the feature does not let you control multiple apps in this way. The whole thing is just limited to two apps, and there are not hints that Microsoft might be looking to expand this feature at some point to include mor than two applications.

The Surface Duo is a dual screen device, after all.

That said, this approach for the Android device does make sense on Windows 10, too. Microsoft is all about boosting productivity, and native functionality to launch two apps at the same time in the OS comes in much handier than third-party alternatives.

Perhaps something for the future.

Speaking of which, the near future looks like it will be all about the Surface Duo. Buzz among the bees is that the Duo will be announced in July. And we have seen Microsoft being busy updating its apps for this new arrival.

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