Tons of new Age of Empires IV details revealed

April 12, 2021
Age of Empires IV

Microsoft promised, and Microsoft delivered! The company teased an important Age of Empires IV event for April 10, a fan preview that would shed more light on what’s coming to the RTS game.

And true to its word, the company revealed a lot of new information about the next installment in the eternal Age of Empires series.

The streamed event was high on videos, and there are a ton of new clips that show the strategy game in action. From gameplay and graphics, to the included civilizations, and the campaigns that players will be able to entertain themselves with.

The show even ended with a stinger that shows some dynamic naval combat coming to the title.

You can watch the Fan Preview in full below:

The video above is the first time that footage from a player perspective has been released. And as can be seen, many elements that defined the real-time strategy series have made the cut in this latest installment. Some new additions are also in, like hiding troops behind trees for ambushing.

Age of Empires IV will include 8 civilizations at launch, with the developers having confirmed the Delhi Sultanate and Chinese as the two new civilizations joining the Mongols and English that were previously announced.

Asymmetrical civilization designs were also confirmed today, along with 4 historical campaigns.

The fourth entry in the series also received a launch window for the first time, with Relic Entertainment announcing a fall 2021 release plan on Windows.

There is also good news for those looking to get into the upcoming game before the official launch. A closed beta is about to kick off soon, and interested players can sign up as an Age Insider for a chance to gain access.

Age of Empires IV will release on Steam and Microsoft Store for Windows, as well as part of the Xbox Game Pass for PC subscription day one.

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