Top 6 Features Windows 8 Needs to Offer Businesses

InternationalBusiness on the top 6 features Windows 8 needs to offer businesses. I have been a strong believer in the fact that Microsoft will have to perform a very difficult balancing act in order to keep corporate clients from upgrading simply to Windows 7. In light of the fact that Windows XP still has 60% of the market, it’s clear that upgrading to the latest version of Windows is not at the top of the list for many CIO’s. There is hope however and I have identified 6 areas that Microsoft should pay attention to in order to keep corporate clients upgrading… A little excerpt..

Windows 7 has been a tremendous success for Microsoft. It has been stable, efficient and a reliable workhorse for users. Large organizations however have been (relatively) slow to move from Windows Xp to Windows 7. Windows XP still represents 60% of the Operating Systems out in the world today. In light of this fact, I believe that Microsoft is going to have to pay a large amount of attention to corporate users as they move forward with the development of Windows 8. Here is my list of the top 6 features that I believe Microsoft will need to provide to Enterprise users in Windows 8.
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