Turn Any Windows 8 Laptop into a Touch PC with Targus Accessory

Even though it can be used with a traditional keyboard and mouse, at its heart, Windows 8 is much better suited for touch control.

The problem is that many of us have perfectly decent laptops and don’t want to rush out and buy a replacement just to get a touchscreen. The solution could be a new device from Targus, the Touch Pen. This unique accessory is designed for Windows 8 and can turn any non-touch laptop into a pen-controlled touchscreen PC.

According to Targus, the touch pen is about providing an easy way to bring premium touch features over to laptops that have upgraded to Windows 8. Targus claims their stylus is as easy to use as your finger and is an intuitive touch solution.

So how does this gizmo work exactly? The idea is that you attach a receiver to the side of the laptop and it creates a sort of “field” that lets you swipe, slide and touch across the screen using the special stylus. The stylus is equipped with soft bristles on the tip to prevent rubber prints or other screen damage and doesn’t require special drivers or software to operate.

The Touch Pen will set you back $100 and will work with laptop screens up to 17-inches. In theory it probably could work with smaller desktop monitors as well.

While this is an interesting concept, it has its drawbacks as well. Sure, pen controlled swipes might be a little easier than mouse gestures, but you still have to pick up the pen and drag it around. Pens are also easier to misplace– especially if you have young children.

The biggest drawback though is that pens just aren’t as good as finger-based touch when it comes to the many games out there in the Windows Store. They will work, but it just won’t feel quite as right as it would directly touching and controlling your Windows 8 experience.

What do you think, would you consider purchasing such an accessory?

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