UberCloud Lands On Microsoft Azure

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UberCloud consulting services are now available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, the online store that provides applications and services for use on the popular cloud platform.

UberCloud is engaged in making high-performance computing (HPC) a reality for every engineer.

It’s HPC software containers enable companies of all sizes to quickly adopt Azure for a world-class high-performance cloud computing solution. The solution making it easy for engineers to use the cloud, and allows them to achieve the benefits of HPC without any shortcomings.

With this new development, UberCloud customers gain the ability to take advantage of the scalability, high availability, and security of Azure, with streamlined deployment and management.

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In the words of Wolfgang Gentzsch, President of the company:

“UberCloud’s HPC software containers provide engineers with seamless and immediate access to the cloud. UberCloud’s new Cloud HPC consultation offerings on Microsoft Azure Marketplace will show engineers how easily they can benefit from the cloud to accelerate their simulations and increase their productivity.”

Good stuff.

The company claims that its technology can allow users to run their analysis up to 10 times faster on cloud hardware, and its simple browser-based interface provides easy access to applications in the cloud for instant productivity.

You can check out what UberCloud is all about here.

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