Video Shows How The Surface Duo Was Engineered

Surface Duo Engineering

A marvel of engineering? You can bet the farmhouse on this! The Surface line from Microsoft has always pushed the boundaries of hardware since its inception, and the latest addition to the family is no different.

The Surface Duo recently marked its arrival, and the unique dual-screen device has been getting good reviews across the board, with most people appreciating the design and form factor of the handset.

But a lot more goes into its thin frame and 360° hinge.

And this is exactly what Microsoft showcases in this new video that lets us take a look at the engineering behind the Duo. It comes from Microsoft Mechanics, and goes into detail about all the magical little stuff that goes into making this Android smartphone what it is.

At close to 12 minutes in length, the clip packs various intriguing segments that tell all about the device, including all the firsts for Microsoft during its design and production.

You know, things like the displays, the hinge, as well as the Android software itself.

Microsoft also talks about the engineering challenges it faced with the Duo, like its thickness, topology, and making it posture aware. There are also bits about its battery life, hinge design, and security that make for compelling viewing for those who want to learn more about the device.

Good to see Redmond up more about its hardware.

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