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Waves Partners Up With Microsoft Azure

Massive development in the blockchain space! The Waves platform is officially hopping on the Azure train, with the company announcing a partnership with Microsoft.

This will pave way for developer to create smart contracts on both private and public ledgers.

On Tuesday, January 29, Sasha Ivanov, the leader and CEO of the Russian-based platform announced that it will be handing over its products to developers working with the Microsoft Azure platform. The products in question being Smart Assets and Smart Accounts.

This will facilitate the creation of smart contracts over public and private blockchains, and push forward the development of all types of blockchain applications in these two domains.

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Waves is an open-source blockchain platform that enables users to build their own applications. These range from cryptocurrencies to smart contracts and smart assets, and everything in between.

The Waves platform also provides non-turing smart contract options, which can reduce the chances of bugs popping up, as well as issues that cause security problems. Waves has already demonstrated its potential, with the toolkit of the startup presenting better features than those of competitors.

Additionally, Microsoft was also attracted to the Waves Assets and Waves Accounts products that can act as an extension for its Visual Studio Code editor.

All this should help with intuitive creation and integration of smart contracts with the Azure cloud.

You can take a look at what Waves is up to here.

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