Week In Review (Feb 11 – Feb 15)

The post Surface Pro week was, as you may have guessed, all about Surface Pro. Still, Redmond was in the news for more reasons than its flagship tablet, as the Surface RT expanded its availability in more European countries, Windows 8 did what it does best, and Steve Ballmer was criticized. Again.

When it comes to the top stories of the week, here is a selection of a few that mattered:

Issue of the Week

You will have to think really hard to name a bigger issue than the Surface Pro going out of stock at various retail stores across the United States. Microsoft is obviously hard at work delivering more units, and says availability will increase by Saturday — as in tomorrow. Here’s hoping it does.

Gossip of the Week

The thing with technology companies is that the larger they get, the more people are interested in what goes on behind the scenes. Former Microsoftie, Joachim Kempin revealed this week that CEO Steve Ballmer used to bring a baseball bat in company meetings. If this isn’t gossip, I don’t know what is.

Speculation of the Week

Ever since Microsoft announced the first two models of its Surface tablets, people have been speculating whether the company will be launching slates indifferent screen sizes. Microsoft’s Chief Financial Officer seems to think so and does not rule out 7-inch Windows tablets. Interesting!

Bashing of the Week

Windows 8 is an operating system that divides opinions. People either love it or hate it, rarely will you find middle ground. And rarely will you find people bashing a product like this at official websites, but this is what happened when frustrated users shared a piece of their mind on Microsoft Support forums.

Appearance of the Week

Bill Gates makes headlines every time he makes a media appearance, and this was the case when the former CEO of Microsoft took time out for an AMA session on Reddit. Gates gave some very interesting answers to questions ranging from technology to charity to even his favorite stuff.

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