Windows 10 Build 18298 Comes Loaded With Features

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Rare Monday move! While Microsoft has settled on Wednesdays for new build launches, the company has released Windows 10 build 18298 to the Fast ring of its preview program.

And it comes packed with all kinds of new features.

Full details here, but as you can see below, this is a big band kind of a release that we see ever once in a while during the development cycle of new Windows 10 versions. Nothing gaming changing here, just a solid splattering of new options and improvements.

Which is something all one asks on a Monday!

Build 18298 Sign-In

For starters, Microsoft has consolidated sign-in options in a nice little location, and the Windows maker now lets you set up a security key straight from this Settings panel.

Build 18298 File Explorer Icon

But the big deal are the new File Explorer enhancements, starting with a new icon that the company has released that has a bit more personality. Shadows may not look pleasing to everyone, but they are here alright and cast quite an impression.

Redmond has also updated the default downloads folder sorting, and it now shows the most recently downloaded file at the top of the list — as it should be.

Build 18298 Start Menu Unpin

Start Menu has also been given a look, and now you can quickly unpin both groups and folders.

On the touch keyboard side of things, there are some updates to improve the experience. Likewise, the company has also updated the console terminal with some new bells and whistles.

Build 18298 Notepad

Even the good old Notepad picked up a few, including asterisk to denote unsaved files and the ability to directly send feedback. Plenty other tiny enhancements are here for the default text editor in the operating system, which should please regular users.

Build 18298 Ease of Access

Narrator and Ease of Access are also loaded with new features now, while the Seattle based firm has updated the Windows 10 S setup experience as well.

Build 18298 Game Bar

Not to be left out, gamers also have something to look forward to here. Game Bar has a gallery feature that lets you view the screenshots and videos that you took, and share them directly to Twitter.

Who would say no to that?

As always, this version of the preview is available for you if you are enrolled in the Fast ring of the Windows Insider Program. So, download Windows 10 build 18298 of the 19H1 branch today and take it for a spin to take a look at the new features yourself.

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