Windows 10 Build 18334 Lets You Play State Of Decay For Free

State of Decay

Limited slots are available, but more to open up soon. Microsoft has released Windows 10 build 18334 to the Fast ring channel with a handful of new improvements.

Mostly gaming related.

Not a whole lot new in this version, which should come as no surprising during this phase of the development process. We are on the tail end of the 19H1 development cycle, and the company is shifting focus to refinement and polish.

In fact, the RTM version should be available sometimes next month.

For now, though, we have Windows 10 build 18334 to deal with, which as the changelog reveals, comes with only gaming improvements. But it does offer you a chance to play the State of Decay free for a limited time.

Let’s look at what it brings first.

The whole deal is pretty cryptic, with Microsoft saying that it has packed in a few gaming improvements that it wants you to test by allowing you to play a hit Windows 10 title to provide the company with feedback on how everything runs.

Redmond says that only a few slots are available now, but more users will be allowed to join in the coming weeks.

Additionally, the software titan has included a few other refinements and improvements in this version, the details of which you can collect from the link above. Of particular note is a bug concerning Windows Security, which may display an unknown status for the virus and threat protection module.

Microsoft says that this can occur after upgrade, restart or settings changes.

But that’s a worry for another day.

For now, you can deploy build 18334, and ride your luck to a chance to play State of Decay for free.

Zombies await.

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