Windows 10 Cumulative Monthly Security Update (KB4579311) Is Causing Problems for Users

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Microsoft recently published a new Windows 10 cumulative security update – KB4579311. This update is expected to fix problems related to the Windows 10 OS including security issues. However, the update is causing problems for users.

Users have reported a number of problems ranging from a failed installation process alongside 0x800f0988, 0x8007000d, or 0x80073701 error codes, printing issues and black screens, to Windows 10 login failure. 

Windows 10 Cumulative Monthly Security Update (KB4579311) Is Causing Problems for Users

TechDows reported that many disgruntled users have been reporting their problems on the Microsoft support forum. The reports for the failed installation process explain that Windows usually display 1 or 2 distinct error messages.

First, the display message reads:

“Some update files are missing or having problems. We’ll try to download the update again later.”

Second, it reads:

“There were some problems in installing the Updates, but we’ll try again later.”

So far, users who obtained the KB4579311 update from Windows have complained more about these errors. However, downloading from Microsoft update is becoming problematic.

Well, some of the users that have successfully installed the update have also experienced issues such as failed login and black screen during start-up. Other problems include HDMI ports and printer issues. In these cases, uninstalling the KB4579311 will fix things. 


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