Windows 10 Finally Gets A Bug Dashboard


About time. About darn time! Amid intense calls for a bug dashboard, Microsoft has finally announced the creation one to allow users the ability to monitor the status of issues affecting the operating system.

Goes without saying that the recent rollout of the Windows 10 October 2018 Update was the worst rollout in the history of rollouts.

This newest version of the OS suffered from one problem after another — and the issues continue to pile up to this day.

Now, admittedly, Microsoft has taken a much more open approach in detailing the bugs it finds. But nothing beats a dedicated dashboard for users to take a look that if something is indeed happening with Windows 10 or what they are experiencing is an isolated incident.

Particularly, because Azure and Office 365, both have dedicated status dashboards.

Anyway, we have official confirmation that the Redmond based company is in on the act now.

In an addendum to the November 13 post that announced the rerelease of the October 2018 Update after a 38-day delay, John Cable, director of program management of Windows servicing has revealed that a dashboard is in the works.


“We plan to add a Windows update status dashboard in the coming year to provide more information on any issues that lead to update blocks. For this current October Update rollout we will be providing regular updates for notable issues on the public Window 10 update history page.”

Music to my ears!

Sure, the update history page is the closest equivalent to a status dashboard in Windows 10, but nothing beats a dedicated dashboard that allows both end users and system administrators to easily look up current issues with the operating system.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has not said when the dashboard will arrive, only hinting that we should expect it next year.

But whenever it does, it will leave millions upon millions of users better informed.

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