Windows 10 Installs Office Web Apps without Permission

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Mandatory updates on Windows 10 are normal, but they become problematic when they are imposed on users. Windows Latest, The Verge, ZDNet, and Windows 10 users reported that Windows was forcefully restarting PCs in order to install Office Web Apps which launched in Edge and Start menu.

Before this time, the Office Web Apps installation was optional. Now, Windows will not ask for permission or inform you of what is about to happen. Microsoft’s action is disrupting work and important activities to advertise its online office suite.

Windows 10 Installs Office Web Apps without Permission

Following the complaint of Windows 10 users, Microsoft has explained that updating Edge browser was the cause of the change. Pinned tiles were present in Start menu which linked to Office Web Apps when the apps were not completely installed.

Those apps previously launched in Edge, but the updated Edge browser started launching them as PWA (Progressive Web Apps). They now load in separate windows using minimal UI. However, Microsoft has said that it will keep off from the forceful installation of updates and that if users want to uninstall the apps, they can unpin them from Start menu.

Obviously, the crux of the matter is uninformed consent. But The Verge opined that Microsoft considered the mandatory updates as insignificant. Those updates were instituted by Microsoft to help users access current security fixes to prevent a widespread outbreak of malware. 

If your PC reboots by itself just to pitch Microsoft products to you, that is enough reason to become cautious of such updates or the entire Windows system. The implication is that you are not completely in charge of your PC.

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