Windows 10 Lock Screen Concept Is Pure Eye Candy

Lock Screen Concept

The Windows 10 lock screen is the first thing users see when they start their computers, and it comes as no surprise that many want it to look not just trendy but also informative.

More so, folks who prefer keeping their computers locked.

Microsoft did a good job of making this area of Windows 10 polished and tidy with fresh additions back when the operating system was new. However, the company no longer refreshes the lock and sign-in screens with new customization options and features.

This is where the designers come in.

A concept shared by vGLAD envisions a refreshed version of the lock screen that is not just full of eye candy, but aligns with what some users might want to see in Windows 10.


The number of information displayed on the lock screen has been significantly amped up, and the design refresh comes in line with the visual refresh that Microsoft has implemented in the OS. Or rather, is in the process of implementing.

Needless to say, alluring as this concept is, it’s hard to see all these design changes making their way in Windows 10 in the near future, as the upcoming 20H2 version appears to be barebones in term of new additions.

Not like Microsoft has promised any massive changes to the lock screen, in the first place.

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