Windows 10 Mobile Also Getting The Groove Music Visualizer

In news that makes total sense, we have today the confirmation that the Groove Music visualizer is also set to arrive on the Windows 10 Mobile version of the app.

This, after we got some juicy details of these improvements reserved for the PC version last week.

As reported, the users of the mobile OS will be getting these same visualizations on their smartphones, with Microsoft currently testing these new features on Windows 10 Mobile. They even have some screenshots to show how it currently looks.


Even the equalizer is included.

Hopefully other small improvements too, that are coming to the PC.

This should be good news for users of the mobile platform, which has been under fire from all corners, recently, most notable due to the departure of apps and the declining overall market share.

No word yet on when Redmond will unleash these new options in a preview build of Windows 10 Mobile, but we probably are not too far off, judging by these screenshots.

Which look rather neat.

Don’t you think?

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