Windows 10 Product Keys Being Sold for $2

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Leaked ones, at that. Looks like the Korean subsidiary of Microsoft is having a bit of a hard time, as Windows 10 product keys are being sold in the country on online shopping platforms.

For the sweet, sweet price of $2.


This report from the Korea Times reveals that not only is there a growing number of such leaked keys being sold, Microsoft is in no position to stop the illegal sales of these keys. Which comes as an absolute surprise, more so when you consider the following detail.

Microsoft is, in fact, unable to determine where these product keys are coming from in the first place!

A Microsoft Korea official was quoted as saying:

“It is almost impossible to know where products keys are leaked from as Windows is a widely used operating system and there are too many leakage cases. Product keys distributed through online shopping platforms are mostly unfit for general consumers and are vulnerable to security issues.”

Not exactly sure about that last bit, but whatever, man.

For comparison purposes, a genuine Windows 10 product key costs about 200,000 won in South Korea, which comes in at about $165 at today’s currency exchange rate. These leaked keys from third-party retailers cost only 2,500 won, or $2 give or take.

Most of these listings were published on Coupang and TMON, two of the biggest online shopping platforms in the country.

Needless to say, Microsoft has reached out to both to block the sale of these illegal keys.

What a time to be alive!

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