Windows 7 ISO Downloads From Microsoft Finally Possible

What took them so long! Microsoft has finally made Windows 7 ISO downloads possible, with launch of a new Software Recovery center that also provides information about downloads.

It allows users to get the necessary files just like before — although they will be required to put their product key before actually downloading the ISO files. An additional step that allows Microsoft to verify whether a license is valid or not.

This has been reported here, although Redmond is yet to confirm this important change.

But then again, the software titan had been working to move the download center from Digital River servers for months. Almost a year actually, as Windows 7 download links from this service suddenly became unavailable for users back in March 2014.

Obviously, this is not that big of an issue, as Windows 7 ISO links are scattered all over the web.

Anyway, while the page now exclusively allows users to download Windows 7 ISOs exclusively, this could change in the coming months as the software titan refines and enhances this feature.

All you need to do to officially download Windows 7 is to enter the product key on the official Software Recovery website, select the product language and press the ‘Verify Product Key’ button.

This move is probably in place to prevent piracy, as by checking the product key before actually allowing users to download the ISO files lets the company know who gets the disc image. Plus, Redmond can always prevent a pirated key from reaching and downloading the ISO.

A similar system could actually be in place for Windows 10, when the new operating system launches.

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