Windows 8.1 App Watch: Candy Rain 2

Nothing beats going into a weekend with another match three type of game. Candy Rain 2 is here and at your service, and it offers everything you might expect from a game of this sort.

And that means free-to-play, a variety of combos and game modes, along with tons of levels.

Throw in bright, colorful visuals and the fact that the gameplay is a fair bit easier than other titles in the genre. That is partly due to the ability of using special candy all the time — it takes the challenge out of playing a notch. However, as it stands, this is still a very well designed game.

A look at the official description:

“Everyone likes candies, don’t we? Now here is Candy Rain 2 that is all sweets but no calories! In this beautiful and challenging match-three video game it is your task to combine at least three of the delicious sweets to make them disappear.

If you play smart and manage to make more candy vanish with one move or even trigger combos that make different sorts of candy vanish, you can get tons of extra points and useful boosters, that make it much easier to achieve the levels goals. Always have an eye on the scores though, as you only have a limited amount of moves to reach win the level.”

The fun factor is high in this game, though — once you start playing, it’s hard to put it down.

The included advertisements spoil the fun a bit, however, as they pop up every couple of levels. But that’s a bit of a compromise to make for a nice little game that works on x86, x64 and ARM versions of Windows. The only question that remains is where on earth is the first Candy Rain?

Click here to check out Candy Rain 2 on the Windows Store.

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