Windows 8.1 App Watch: Elevator Miner

Care for a dexterity game? The name of the game is actually Elevator Miner HD, and it is a challenging little title where you are tasked with controlling two elevators on either side of the screen.

As they move deeper into the earth, of course.

Simple enough concept, but since you are always on the move in this game, the difficulty level is rather high. Your task is to mine treasures while avoiding obstacles along the way, and you do this by either slowing down or speeding up either one of the elevators.

Here’s the official description:

“Elevator Miner is an arcade/action games where you must control the elevator on the right/left side of the screen to move the digger, and dig all the treasure while avoiding all the obstacle. If you’re using desktop, you can use W/S to move the left elevator and UP/DOWN Arrow to move the right elevator. Of course on Surface you can just drag the elevator with both of your finger.”

Admittedly, the controls can be a little iffy at time, which combined with the difficulty of the game itself can make for a bit of a frustrating experience.

On the whole though, this is a simple and unassuming arcade game, good for some routine fun. The free game plays nicely on keyboards and touch, while working on all modern versions of Windows, from x86 to x64 and ARM. No universal binaries, though, sadly.

Click here to check out Elevator Miner on the Windows Store.

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