Windows 8.1 Gets Native Support For The MKV Format

promised in Windows 10. But now the company has released a new update for Xbox Video, which bundles compatibility for this popular multimedia file format in pretty much all current versions of Windows. Shows how serious Redmond is about expanding support for this particular file format. This is what the description states:

“MKV videos (the extension used for the Matroska Media Container) can now be played in Xbox Video. The update supports playback of most MKV files as long as they contain codecs supported by the app.”
It is a short update, just 9MB in size, and also lists a few other improvements in the changelog. Xbox Video MKV Support But the app has actually received several updates over the past few months, the biggest of which came in July when the interface was updated for Windows 8.1. With Windows 10 on the horizon, fair bet that it will receive a major refresh around the time the new operating system is out. At least, it will save people headaches that were having trouble playing MKV files using the VLC Player for Windows 8.1. Tablet users, in particular. You can grab the new version of Xbox Video from the Windows Store here.]]>

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