Windows 8 and CES 2011 – My take

So, just watched Ballmer and crew do their dance at CES 2011 in Vegas.

Here are the major takeaways from all this..

  • Microsoft is working with multiple partners on the “Next version of Windows”.
  • They plan to offer Windows in all form factors with “no compromise”.
  • So far they are not showing any real UI changes for Windows 8.
  • We don’t even know that the name for the next version of Windows will be “Windows 8”. they are not referring to it even casually.
  • They seem to have some excitement in the Kinect area and XBOX Live etc.
  • They seem excited about Windows Phone 7 but I am still not sold.
  • Windows 8 will feel smooth and run fast on multiple platforms.
  • They demoed Surface 2 and the new surface look and feel is pretty cool.
  • We still have no idea what Windows 8 will look like.
  • We have no idea what the timeline will be.
  • It was a pretty good demo, uneven in spots but pretty cool.
  • They demoed Iron Man 2 to show the stability of the Next Version of Windows and it was fine.
  • I still believe this may be called Windows 365 by the time it’s all said and done.
  • Microsoft do look like they have been innovating.
  • Cool partnerships with Hulu, Netflix and ESPN.
  • Interesting use of Kinect and  a cool demo.
  • New trend to watch out for use of Kinect “No controller needed” to fast forward or resume movies
  • 8 million Kinects sold..
  • Tons of Windows 7 license have been sold

It was a solid demo.

Nothing new to report on Windows 8 but worth the wait…

Remember, you should be able to watch this again here

I’m off to bed..

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