Windows 8 Discount Could See Sales Skyrocket

While the world is still waiting for updated official Windows 8 sales figures from Microsoft, the company itself has maintained that thing are going well and according to plan.

The thing about well and according to plan is that it can be overly subjective.

Leaving numbers and market share statistics aside, this much we do know that Redmond is reportedly gearing up to roll out a major Windows 8 discount for OEMs, with an intention to help bring about cheaper devices that are powered by its latest operating system to store shelves.

The latest report at Digitimes claims that this new strategy could see mainstream devices get more than 20 percent cheaper, while the final price of touchscreen models are set to drop by no less than 10 percent — both welcome discounts, whichever way you look at them.

The most obvious benefit of this price cut will be the availability of cheaper touchscreen devices. The lack of touch enabled units is often cited as one of the biggest reasons of the slow uptake of Windows 8.

Market watchers expect Windows 8 to boost its market share significantly in the following months.

If all goes according to plan (and this time I mean it objectively), the disappointing early adaption of the new operating system could soon be improved upon.

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