Windows 95 Turns 25

Windows 95

Happy birthday! One of the most iconic versions of Windows is celebrating a big milestone. Windows 95 has turned 25 years old today, and Microsoft is in a festive mood to mark the occasion.

Redmond has created a video reel that goes through the various elements of the operating system, and the changes that have happened since then. You know, things like the evolution of the Start Menu, the icons in the OS, and all that.

A trip down the memory lane:

In addition, the company will also be conducting a two-part series of its Insider Webcast that will feature two engineers that worked on Windows 95 who are still with the software titan.

Appropriate acknowledgement for what is possibly the most significant release from Microsoft.

Windows 95 launched with a lot of fanfare on August 24, 1995, with Redmond holding a massive release event roping in celebrities like Jay Leno, Jennifer Aniston, and Matthew Perry. Release events like this no longer happen, as Windows now is perpetually in development.

But this iteration of the OS laid the foundation of many a core element in the platform that are still present in modern form — the Start Menu, Taskbar, and the Recycle Bin all debuted with Windows 95.

It also began the phasing out of MS-DOS, with this vintage operating system merged with Windows into one offering.

Things have definitely changed a lot since then, with Windows becoming more of a gateway to other Microsoft products rather than the absolute core focus for Microsoft. But Windows 95 had a big say in how the platform got to where it is now.

Legendary be the word.

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