Windows Phone 8 Only Sold 1 Million Units in the US So far, Claims New Report

Microsoft has been pretty silent about their sales numbers when it comes to the Surface and to Windows Phone 8, but analysts are more than willing to pipe up and offer their own guess-timates based on the data at hand.

Now it seems that a report on Telecompaper indicates that as little as 1 million Windows Phone 8 devices shipped in the United States. This is clearly a blow to Microsoft, and a million is way less than they were probably hoping to make – except it isn’t a blow to Microsoft because this is pure BS.

Why’s that? Honestly, it just doesn’t seem to add up, as first noted by Neowin. Looking at Nokia’s previous statements of selling 700,000 devices in the North American market in Q4 and 300,000 in Q3, you get the idea that Nokia (the best-selling Windows Phone 8 producer) has done rather well. Then you have to account for HTC, which has had a reasonable amount of luck with Windows Phone 8 as well.

I’m not saying that the real numbers are ultra-high, but they might not be as low as a million like this one report might want us to think.

No matter how you slice it, things are only looking up not down for Windows Phone 8. The year 2012 saw a great start for the platform, with the Nokia Lumia 920 in particular getting quite a bit of attention, and not just from typical Microsoft fans either.

Now it is 2013 and Apple continues to get picked on for being less than innovative with the iPhone 5 (though it is still selling well, honestly) and even Samsung’ newest Galaxy S4 looks rather similar to the S3 albeit with bumped up specs.

With two of the hottest smartphone sellers doing the ‘same old thing’, if there was ever a chance for Microsoft and its partners to jump in and win fans by doing things differently, now is it.

What do you think, will 2013 finally be Microsoft’s year to jump ahead in the smartphone market or are they forever doomed to be nothing more than a niche player? Share your thoughts below.

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