Windows Phone No Longer A Priority, Joe Belfiore Confirms

Well, if you must hear it from someone, then there’s no one better than Joe Belfiore. The former steward of the Windows Phone platform has finally broken silence.

And he chosen a ding dang time to do so!

Belfiore, the Corporate Vice President in the Operating Systems Group at Redmond has revealed, in a series of tweets, what most fans already knew. That the mobile operating system has been put in maintenance mode, with new Windows 10 Mobile hardware no longer a priority for Microsoft.

He did clarify that the company will continue to push out bug fixes and security updates for the platform, but user should not put their hopes up for new features or hardware.

When asked whether it is time to leave the mobile OS, he admitted that he has already made the switch to Android. Basically, he supports Windows Phone users moving to iOS or Android.

And in case you are wondering why Microsoft decided to abandon its platform, Belfiore lays the blame squarely on the app gap — the massive difference in the number and quality of applications compared to other mobile platforms, which the developers actually showed no interested in filling.

All this makes for a rather agonizing read, the comments in particular, but it’s nothing that fans of Microsoft’s mobile platform don’t know already.

This is just about an official a confirmation as we will get right now about the software titan ending focus on its mobile OS, after trying to court users and developers. The company is now more interested in bringing a majority of its services and products to these competing mobile platforms.

If you can’t beat them, join them!

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