Windows Terminal Picks Up A Huge Update

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The Windows Terminal is going places! Microsoft has released a new version of its modern command line tool, which although still in its early development days has just received a ton of new features.

Version 0.3 of the app is absolutely huge in terms of what it adds to the equation.

Microsoft debuted this application this June, after announcing it earlier this year at the BUILD developer conference. The idea being a unified app to bring together all the command line tools in Windows 10, namely Command Prompt, PowerShell and WSL.

The software titan has talked about the new additions in this blog post.

Highlighting all the user interface improvements first.

One key feature is the ability to drag the title bar around the screen, something which was not previously possible. There is also a better dropdown button layout now, where the dropdown arrow and the new tab button are now to the right of tabs, rather than the far right.

Another small uplift is the fact that the minimize, maximize and close buttons are now the same color as the rest of the title bar — more in line with the rest of the apps in the OS that provide a tabbed experience.

Like Edge, for example.

Also added in are a bunch of new accessibility features, like Narrator now being able to navigate and read Windows Terminal UI controls.

On the topic of user interface, you will also find new options for background images, like the ability to add on an Acrylic background. It is also possible to add an animated GIF as a background image, if you are into that sorts of a look.

Moving beyond, we also have a few other new features like new selection and key bindings, an updated About section, as well as Azure Cloud Shell connection that lets you access your files and projects stored within Azure.

The app still is in beta, but getting better with every new update.

You can grab this latest preview version from the Microsoft Store link below, or if you so prefer, the final bits are also hosted on the Microsoft section on GitHub here.

Download: Windows Terminal

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