Windows to Go in Windows 8 – a big deal for businesses

Windows To Go enables alternative workplace scenarios. Offsite temporary workers can be given a Windows To Go drive for the duration of their employment so that no corporate data is stored on their personal device. Remote and work-at-home employees can be issued a Windows To Go drive for regular work done outside of the office. In these scenarios, the Windows To Go drive enables remote worker productivity while helping keep corporate data safe. By creating a Windows To Go drive, you can include all of the applications that the employees use at work. When a user boots their PC from the Windows To Go drive, it creates a corporate desktop experience so they can quickly start working. If they have enterprise network access, employees can use a virtual private network (VPN) connection or DirectAccess to access corporate resources. If the enterprise network is available, Windows To Go will automatically be updated by using standard desktop management processes. This is going to be really helpful for businesses who have to get contractors up and running quickly. If you’ve ever worked as a contractor, you know that getting provisioned can be a pain in the ass. This will be amazing if you can get handed a USB and be off to the races immediately. Stay tuned.]]>

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