Xbox Series X Price Leaks

August 17, 2020
Monster Energy Contest

The news we seek! We have all been waiting for Microsoft to reveal the price of the Xbox Series X. And it seems like Monster Energy may have just helped get the cat out the bag.

This little tidbit of information comes via a contest the company is holding that involves collecting Halo Infinite themed cans of Monster Energy. But the real interesting part here is what is included in the fine print.

Specifically, the fact that the total of all first prizes is $119,988, of which there are 200 of.

That works out to $599.99 each.

And since the prizes being awarded include both an Xbox Series X and a copy of Halo Infinite, the retail value of the console comes down to $540 after we subtract the $59.99 that the game is expected to become available for.

Of course, it is also possible that the value does not include the price of the game. And that’s certainly the case with the original press release that only lists the console as the first prize.

In any case, a price of either $499 or $599 seems a solid bet here.

Getting back to the contest, we also have the grand prize that is being awarded to 10 participants. It includes a trip for two to Paris, which comes with a hotel stay and $1,000 cash. All you need to do to take part in this contest is to be on the lookout for these Halo themed energy drinks.

Well, as long as you’re in the US.

As for the actual price of the upcoming console, it is very likely that Microsoft will be here with the official details soon.

Probably alongside the announcement of the lesser Xbox Series S.

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