Your Phone Service Has Been Down All Day

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Oh dear, oh dear! Users of the Your Phone service were in for a rude awakening lately, when they found out that this service was not working on their end.

To make things a bit more ironic, this news came days after Samsung launched its Galaxy Note 10 handset, which came with the new “Link to Windows” feature designed to make it easier for the owners of the handset to connect it to the service.

In case you’re unaware of Your Phone, or are yet to check the service on Windows 10, then Microsoft developed this to allow better interaction between your PC and phone.

Not only does Your Phone allow you to send and receive SMS messages, it can also interact with the most recent 25 photos on your device, and even mirror the screen of your smartphone, provided you have a compatible handset and computer.

That is, if it works.

Because as the Microsoft 365 Service health page states, users have been experiencing trouble:

“User Impact: Users may experience connection problems and errors when using the Your Phone app.

Current status: We’ve identified an issue causing connection problems for the Your Phone app. Users may receive “Can’t connect” or other error banners when using the app. We’re actively investigating to identify the cause of the problem and develop a remediation plan.

Start time: Monday, August 26, 2019, at 7:00 AM UTC”


Not many people use the Your Phone service, but those who do certainly seem to rely on it.

It remains unclear when the issues will be resolved, though, but users have been reporting the problem all day. Fingers crossed, Microsoft is able to get around to what is causing the error, and fix it. And hopefully the issue was not with the Note 10 users that were taking advantage of the service.

Lousy time for this to happen, nevertheless.

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