Azure MFA Goes Down For The Second Week Running

Cloud Outage

Run for the hills, folks! For the end is near. Azure MFA has taken another tumble, the second time in as many weeks, with the authentication service struggling to get back up again.

There sure were scenes when things went down on November 19.

And as the cloud giant so humbly explained, it all came down to the updates it rolled out on its platform.

Well, just a week after that global problem with the multifactor authentication (MFA) service outage that impacted a large number of customers, we have reports of another outage — only this time the problem seems to be US centered.

A Microsoft engineer took to the Azure status page to admit that MFA was having problems, with the company warning users that those who had multifactor authentication required by policy might experience intermittent issues signing into Azure resources.

You know, simple things like Azure Active Directory.

The dashboard status read:

“Impacted customers may experience failures when attempting to authenticate into Azure resources where MFA is required by policy. Engineers are investigating the issue and the next update will be provided in 60 minutes or as events warrant.”

This newest fiasco appears to have started around 9:15 AM Eastern Time, with the Azure dashboard seeing an update around 10:15 AM noting of the possibility of what could be a potential cross-region outage.

The last issue lasted all of 14 hours.

But luckily mitigation for this new one has already begun, with Microsoft engineers saying that they have identified the case of this latest mess.

Mary Jo Foley is keeping an eye on this outage here, in case you would like to follow along.

Microsoft officials have also promised a full root cause analysis of today’s outage to be posted within 72 hours. Now, whether that would be of solace to users and organizations affected is another thing entirely, but it is clear that Redmond needs to get a handle on this.

Two big outages like this, one after the another, are, well, unacceptable.

Not to mention the Office 365 chaos that went down yesterday.


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