Azure Service Bus, Event Hubs Availability Expands

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Microsoft has rolled out multiple Availability Zone support for Azure Service Bus Premium and Azure Event Hub Standard. Meaning, customers now have high availability options for these services in the supported Regions.

The cloud giant announced this in a recent blog post.

Revealing that Azure customers now have protection against possible complete data failures, with Regions that are enabled with Availability Zones providing end-user engineers with multiple unique locations — each with a datacenter.

Azure Event Hubs Standard

To ensure this resiliency, Microsoft provides a minimum of three separate zones in all enabled Regions, with each datacenter equipped with independent power, cooling and networking.

Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates can be used to enable support for Availability Zones for the services, or customers can simply just use the Azure Portal for this — which itself has been picking up some sweet improvements.

Azure Service Bus Premium

Previously, the company added Availability Zone support in preview for the Azure Service Bus Premium tier, and the Azure Event Hubs Standard tier in three regions. These were Central US, East US 2, and France Central.

Now that support is generally available, Redmond has added Availability Zones support in four more regions, namely West US 2, West Europe North Europe, and Southeast Asia.

Customers can leverage the feature when provisioning new namespaces, though sadly migration from existing namespaces is not possible.

Microsoft is, obviously, not alone in expanding services to its Regions and Availability Zones. Cloud providers like Amazon, IBM, and Google all offer multiple availability zones to increase availability and business continuity for their users.

You can gather more details on the two features, Azure Service Bus and Event Hubs, on the Azure website, including pricing.

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