Cortana Plucked Out From The GLAS Thermostat

GLAS Thermostat

Boy, Cortana certainly has seen better days! Microsoft has been struggling with repositioning Cortana for more than a year, and it looks like things are starting to fall apart.

Not helped by the fact that Cortana boss Javier Soltero parted ways with the company last year, and the smart assistant dropped out of the race this year, for all intents and purposes.

And now we have news that Johnson Controls is dropping Cortana.

The company was seen notifying users this week that an upcoming software update will remove support for the digital assistant from the device.

This, the company has done, more or less a year after quietly adding support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to it Windows 10 powered GLAS smart thermostat. But now the company is letting customers know that other voice assistant will be able to control the device.

Other voice assistants being Alexa and Google Assistant.

Unlike Cortana, which is directly integrated into the GLAS device, Alexa and Google Assistant require users to connect and Echo or Google Home type device to their GLAS accounts before the voice functionality can work.

Sad end for Cortana here, and an extra hassle or two for users.

Microsoft and Johnson Controls first revealed their plans for the Windows 10 IoT Core powered GLAS smart thermostat that worked exclusively with Cortana all the way back in July 2017. Since then, the software titan seems to have put the brakes on developing new features for its voice service.

All the while the competition has picked up the game.

Oh well.

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