Digital BUILD 2020 Registrations Now Open

BUILD 2020 Digital

We’re going digital! And everyone’s invited! It was back in March that Microsoft confirmed that its highly anticipated BUILD 2020 developer conference would not go on in Seattle as planned.

There’s a little coronavirus scare that has been going around, you may have heard. As a result, all Microsoft events until the middle of 2021 are now going virtual.

What this means is that there are some changes in store for BUILD 2020.

Starting with the fact that it’s a free event now. And owing to its virtual format, the company will be doing things a little differently this time around. For starters, the keynotes will likely be shorter, and they will be broadcast multiple times to hit different time zones around the globe.

Breakout sessions are still on, and there will also be Q&A and interactive bits.

But news might be slightly mores sparse this time around.

And since this is new territory for Microsoft, the software titan is sure to look at how it all goes. What worked well, and what feedback the virtual attendees have for it. See as BUILD 2021 next year will also be a digital event, the company will be in a better position to plan for that.

For now, though Microsoft has opened up registrations for this upcoming event.

You can point your browsers to this link to get it going.

Oh, and in case you may be wondering, the tickets for the in-person event have already been automatically refunded. Redmond had priced those tickets at $2,395.

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