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Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is a web browser that is quickly going from strength to strength. Not only does Redmond add in the enhancements that Google cooks up, it also refines the program with its own additions.

All to ensure that users are provided with the best possible experience on all supported platforms.

Most recently, the software titan has silently introduced a series of changes to the download engine that has been added to the Canary branch of Edge. Meaning, it might take a while until this feature arrives for all users.

These changes are documented on the company’s forums, and though they are not exactly huge, they certainly improves the way files are downloaded.

Edge Downloads

As shown in the image above, the new download interface provides users the way with more options to manage the files.

Right now, the stable version of Edge automatically downloads files the moment you click on it. That is to say that you are not provided with any other options like opening it when the download process comes to an end and more.

But thanks to these new changes, the download UI will let you open the file after downloading it, and also save it to a different location on the device.

Edge Downloads Ellipsis

An ellipsis menu also offers more control over your downloads, including the ability to cancel.

In a perfect world this is an option that should have been there from the start. It was, after all, one of the most asked features from the Edge community since the debut of the web browser. Good thing that Microsoft is adding it now.

Better later than never as they say!

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