Error Messages In Windows 10 Finally Start Making Sense


If there’s one thing Microsoft probably learned after the Windows 10 October 2018 Update fiasco, is that it needs to pay more attention to bugs, error messages and user feedback that points to problems in the operating system.

To that end, the company is making error reporting much more straightforward.

At least, during the setup process.

Instead of simply saying something went wrong, or confusing you by listing the problems, the messages will now offer solutions. Meaning, no more annoying error messages that throw up an error code and a Knowledge Base number.

Windows Error Message

Because, really, not everyone knows what a KB article is, and not everyone can go hunting for solutions online with the basic information that is usually provided.

As noted, Windows 10 Version 1903 will make the experience much better — at least during setup.

These blurry screenshots above show how the error messages are a lot more user-friendly now, and actually provide solutions. In this case, it is helping you uninstall applications that may be in conflict with the OS.


This is much better than manually seeking out information about the errors, and uninstalling apps yourself. Direct links to KB pages where certain issues and workarounds are being detailed will also be provided from now on.

All this should make it easier for users running the next version of Windows 10 to prevent compatibility issues from arising, as well as better equip them in solving the problems they experience in the operating system.

Should have been done ages ago!

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