Google Amps Up G Suite Security On Windows 10

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With everyone working from home, well almost everyone, now is the perfect time to up the security for customers that use the G Suite package of business applications.

And Google has done just that.

Yes, the search engine giant is not the first company that comes to mind when it comes to managing Windows 10 devices. In that sense, it’s a bit like Microsoft offering its wares for device management on the Android platform.

But there are users that have the need for this, Google-centric organizations in particular.

And it is these very users that are the focus for Google as it took steps to shore up the security of its own endpoint management tools. The company has unveiled the full release of its enhanced security for Windows 10, which includes a number of neat features.

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Features like single sign-on that enables users to sign into Windows 10 using Google credentials, as well as management of Windows 10 devices in the company’s own admin console.

This later allows system administrators to configure said devices, check their compliance regarding policies, and even remote wipe them.

The usual.

Another feature is what goes by the name of “fundamental desktop security”. Just a fancy way of saying that it provides basic device management capabilities as soon as a user logs into G Suite via a web browser on a desktop computer.

There is also the updated Log Viewer for viewing logs, both of G Suite and Google Cloud Platform.

With remote security the paramount concern for many businesses these days, what with the lockdown and all, these new additions arrive in the nick of time for the more than 110 million devices that are managed by Google’s endpoint management solution.

Still shy of the 200 million that Microsoft helps manage via the System Center Configuration Manager and the Intune service. But still substantial.

Good going, Google!

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