Instagram PWA Lands On The Microsoft Store

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It’s not very often that you get new app launches on the Microsoft Store these days. Save for some Progressive Web App action. The Instagram PWA brings good news, as it officially lands on the platform.

Not a surprise, mind you.

As Facebook already promised in December that it would be updating the Instagram app on Windows 10 to become a PWA. The company promised that this new update would go live for everyone that had installed the official Instagram client on their devices.

All part of this new drive from developers that let them code up these applications for multiple platforms at the same time.

Well, as spotted by Aggiornamenti Lumia, this new version is now live.

You can download it from the Microsoft Store, and it works just about as well as most other PWA apps that are available on the platform, including the posterchild of this new technology, Twitter.

Performance seems fine, and the feature set is also respectable.

Speaking of feature sets, Instagram also made official earlier this year that Direct messages would be coming to its website on the desktop — an essential step to enable the feature on PWA. It’s not there on the desktop side of things right now, but the PWA does include this capability.

In other words, if you plan on using this Instagram PWA, you need not worry about losing features after this update.

Which is good news, definitely.

Ready for some Instagram PWA action on your Windows 10? Download it from the link below.

Download: Instagram

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