Microsoft $25 Windows 8 Promotion For Apple Users Sells Out In Hours

Now would you believe it? Apple enthusiasts may have a bit of a hard time believe it, but Microsoft’s special offer for iOS and Mac developers sold out in just a few hours.

Not just that, the official website of the special campaign also went offline due to a humongous amount of traffic. Yes, you heard that right, humongous.

For the uninitiated, Microsoft rolled out a special promotion a few days back for Mac developers to purchase Windows 8 and Parallels Desktop 8 for a sweet, sweet price of $25 — a Windows 8 Pro copy sells for $199 on Microsoft’s website, and a Parallels Desktop license sets one back $70.

No surprises then that the offer spread like wildfire.

But more interestingly, this is exciting news for Redmond, and the company has promised even more special offers in this vein in the near future. The iOS developer base is of utmost importance for Microsoft, no two words about it.

The technology titan will be hoping for an increased interest for Windows 8 among iOS developers, as that could potentially lead to an upsurge of apps ported to its premier platform.

When it comes to developing apps, Microsoft wants everyone to be on board. And special offers like these only make it easy for Mac developers to try out Redmond’s platform.

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