Microsoft Edge Roadmap Reveals Upcoming Features

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Greatness awaits? Microsoft Edge is finally in the house, and this gem of a web browser has been winning hearts and making friends wherever it goes.

The software titan, meanwhile, is busy baking new features for it, as well.

And the company has just updated its public roadmap for the new Chromium powered Edge, and there is quite a bit that is coming to it. From minor fixes to major additions, there is a lot of stuff that Redmond is committing to.

You can check out the full list here.

But the four features that are confirmed for arrival in February are:

  • Favorites sync issues, including sync not working, deleted favorites reappearing, and favorites being duplicated
  • Enable sync of installed browser extensions between devices
  • Option to set a custom photo as the New Tab Page background photo
  • Need for better handling of links when there is more than one profile

Come summer, we should be good to go with sync of browsing history between devices, which is something that users have been asking for a while now.

Moving beyond, we have a ton of new additions that are in the pipeline, but these are without a definite launch date right now.

  • Edge cannot find devices to cast media
  • Make Edge available on Linux
  • Support read aloud of PDF files
  • Provide option to keep specific cookies when choosing to clear browsing data on close
  • Provide an option to add a share button to the tool bar
  • Add the ability to ink on web pages
  • Touchpad two-finger scrolling is sometimes triggering a right click instead
  • Provide different options for sorting favorites
  • Support themes from the Chrome Web Store
  • Provide an option to prevent auto-play of video and audio when you open a website

So, we have another confirmation that work is underway for Linux support for Edge. Microsoft had already teased this last May at BUILD, and confirmed it at Ignite in November, but we have not had much to go about how things are shaping up for this platform.

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