Microsoft Edge Surf Game Now Available For Everyone

Edge Surf Game

Talk about making a splash! In an effort to promote its new Chromium based web browser, Redmond released a fun web-based surf game on Microsoft Edge back in February.

This casual game was inspired by SkiFree, a simple yet classic skiing game that shipped on older versions of Windows in the nineties.

Getting back to our new game, though, it had been restricted to Insider channels on Microsoft Edge. Up until now, that is to say. Because Microsoft has officially made it available in the Stable channel of the new web browser, meaning everyone can try this game now.

This is how the software titan describes it:

“Inspired by the classic Windows game SkiFree, the surf game challenges players to ride through the water while avoiding islands, fellow surfers, and other obstacles. Watch out for the kraken! Players can also collect hearts to extend their lives and boosts for a burst of speed. Surf as far as possible in an endless ocean, compete for the shortest time, or zig zag through as many gates as you can in a row. With three distinct game modes, players have a variety of ways to pass the time.”

And this video below shows this delightful game in action:


And while the classic SkiFree only supported keyboard back in the day, this new surf game plays nicely with keyboard, mouse, touch, and gamepads. There are few different modes that you can play, including a reduced speed mode for those who prefer taking things slow.

The best part? This game even works without an Internet connection, making it perfect for when you want to improve your skills any given moment.

You do need to be running Microsoft Edge version 83.0.478.37 to get access, which is the latest build of the browser in the Stable channel. Then simply navigate to edge://surf in your address bar, and enjoy this delightful game.

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