Microsoft Granted US Patent For Surface Touch Cover

After securing the patent for the design of the Surface tablets, Microsoft has now been issued a patent regarding the Touch Cover for both of its premiere slates, the RT and Pro.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office just issued the new patent.

Both versions of the Surface tablet can be equipped with it, and it serves not just as a protective cover but also doubles up as a keyboard. In fact, the Surface Touch Cover is one of the thinnest keyboards in the world.

It goes without saying that Redmond would like to make sure that nobody copies the design.

And the Touch Cover is also one of the most aggressively advertised features of Surface tablets, finding itself in almost all print and video advertisements that Microsoft has so far put out.

Not just aggressively advertised — Microsoft actually boasts this as one of the most unique features of the tablet, even if technically the Touch Cover can be bought as an optional accessory to the slate.

The patent also protects the magnetic system that is used to connect the cover to the keyboard from being copied by other companies.

Microsoft seems all set to continue and build upon its efforts in the hardware industry, and this newly issued patent is a clear sign that some of the upcoming Surface tablets could use a similar Touch Cover with a magnetic bonding system in place.

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