Microsoft Highlights Its AI Efforts For Helping Endangered Species


AI truly is an odd animal. Its massive potential can often times be difficult to showcase. But Microsoft is making the effort to highlights the way its artificial intelligence services are utilized in this sphere.

Basically, conservationists are using the company’s AI solutions to help endangered species, with dedicated tools and models that help these scientists collect and analyze their data in a much better manner than before.

The company previously showcased grant winners for its AI for Earth initiative.

And now, Redmond is back at it again.

Starting things off with the facial and pattern recognition technology that it offers for conservationists to monitor the population level of lions. This involves the use of deep learning architectures like convolution neural networks (CNNs) that classify the high-quality images captured.

Likewise, Azure is front and center here, with the cloud platform used to identify the unique markings on the torso of a giraffe, many times quicker than was previously possible.

Speaking of the cloud service, Azure tools are used alongside AI by researchers to monitor the human impact on grizzly bear populations. This involves using DNA sampling and GPS collars to track individual bears to understand their relation with the overall population, as well as their habitat.

Environmental challenges are a very important issue in modern times, and to that end, the company’s impressive AI for Earth initiative is playing its part.


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