Microsoft Inspire 2020 Also Goes Digital

Microsoft Inspire 2020

And, we have another. After the news that BUILD 2020 is going digital, Microsoft has just confirmed that the Inspire 2020 conference will also follow suit.

It will be a free, digital only event now.

The event was originally scheduled to take place in Las Vegas this year, from July 20 through 24. But due to a little something called the coronavirus pandemic, which you may have heard of, the company decided to cancel it altogether.

However, the software titan did promise that it was working with authorities and partners to find alternative ways to host the event.

And found ways, it has.

Redmond has updated the official Inspire website, which now comes with a note that confirms that dates of this new, digital only event. The event will take place on July 21 and 22, 2020, with registrations to begin in June.

Plus, just as you would expect, the company has decided to forgo registration price, which was somewhere around the $2,500 mark, essentially making the event free for everyone. All you need to do to attend is register for the virtual gathering.

As the company notes:

“Wherever you are, we’re coming to you, with an all-new, all-digital Microsoft Inspire. There’s no cost to attend, so watch for registration updates and get ready to unlock all the content we’ve packed into this exciting digital event experience.”

Well, fairly exciting.

Unlike some of the more consumer and developer focused events, Microsoft Inspire is geared solely towards its business partners. This is where the technology giant outlines it channel strategy for the next year, and also showcases new developments for its partners.

And oh, seeing as Microsoft ahs canceled all its in-person events through July 2020, chances are that Inspire 2021 will also be an online only event.

Can’t blame them.

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